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The Council on Foundations surveyed some of its leading members active in the global grantmaking sphere to learn what they see on the horizon. Here are their top 10 predictions for 2012.

Did you know Liberia is the home of the world’s only Secretariat for Philanthropy? As Re: Philanthropy’s coverage of global grantmaking continues, read about the Secretariat’s story and the lessons that can be learned from it.

This Re: Philanthropy blog's focus is on global grantmaking, starting with a blog from the Foundation Center’s Lisa Philp on some key tools for grantmakers – expert or beginners – in the global community.

Some of the central themes of this week’s Global Grantmaking Institute focused on tackling problems head on, collaboration, and creating lasting change. Stephanie de Wolfe of the Global Fund for Children discusses some of what she learned and how these issues relate to her job on a regular basis as the week-long global philanthropy series concludes on Re: Philanthropy.

Who would think giving money away would be so hard? Amanda Hsiung blogs about the intricacies involved when it comes to global philanthropy and what she is learning during the Council’s Global Grantmaking Institute.

Disaster Grantmaking was a primary focus on the first day of the Council’s inaugural Global Grantmaking Institute. Attendee Sandra Macias Del Villar of the Global Fund for Children blogged about the role of philanthropy following disasters, including the importance of working with those who best know the community.

Remember the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Applying the same concept to every single person on the planet shows we are all part of one global neighborhood – never far removed from anyone else. Today’s Re: Philanthropy blog shows how people can use these connections to maximize social good through global giving.

Matt Robertson, a member of the Next Generation, recounts his trip to Africa when he was 17 and how it inspired him to dedicate his life to philanthropy. Find out what Matt is doing now in the latest Re: Philanthropy blog.

The digital age helped increase awareness of global issues and related philanthropy. It also helped educate the next generation of philanthropists and encouraged them to get involved, but what are some other ways of engaging the next wave of global citizens? Dan Siegel and Jenny Yancey, co-presidents of YouthGive, offer some tips.