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Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 15:06
In the last 24 hours, participants at the Family Philanthropy Conference were treated to a trifecta of inspiration. Last night, a flamenco dancer romanced us, young classical musicians made our spirit soar, and an artist schooled in the traditions of Theater of the Oppressed moved some us to tears.
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 14:56
Ron Clark has 55 rules for the kids that he teaches at his school in south Atlanta each day. These rules cover everything from how to enter a room with poise to bringing a water bottle to class to how to be a graceful winner.
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 14:43
The first day of the Council on Foundations Family Philanthropy Conference is now officially in the books and one word seems to arise again and again in conversations and sessions: transparency. Nowhere was this topic more front and center than at the Council-sponsored session about social media....
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 13:08
Miami is wonderful. It’s also where the 2012 COF Family Philanthropy Conference is happening. Although we are only one day in, I can safely say that traveling from California was well worth it.
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 12:54
“…outside resources will be much more effectively used if the local community is itself fully mobilized and invested, and if it can define the agendas for which additional resources must be obtained.” -”Building Communities from the Inside Out,” John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight, 1993.
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 12:50
In the process of preparing for the Council Learning Lab on social media at the Family Philanthropy Conference, I came across some pretty interesting data: 14 percent of dog owners have created a Facebook account for their pet! And 15 percent of these dogs have more than 100 friends - it gives a...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 12:48
If you’ve ever come to one of the Council’s wonderful conferences, you already know that connections happen in the elevators and spaces around the panels. It’s easy to get lost in the well-crafted, engaging panels and formalities of a conference, but real connections are made when there is space to...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 12:17
Coming into the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference, I’m looking to follow two strains of curiosity. First, I want to see how other foundations have built collaborative community relationships that expand beyond traditional roles of grantor and grantees. More deeply, I’m curious about how...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:33
I’m always excited for the Family Philanthropy Conference. The plenaries feature dynamic speakers who often offer a philanthropic perspective that I hadn’t considered before. There are so many interesting sessions, and so many interesting ideas to take in. I try to attend a session about something...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:28
Former Rep. Gabby Giffords from Arizona and Louis D. Brown, a young African-American man growing up in Dorchester, Mass., were both shot. Gifford’s shooter was white, mentally ill and “acted alone.” Louis’ killer was young, black, and possibly involved with a gang.
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:23
Most family foundations tend to conduct their grantmaking by continuing the discussion until everyone either agrees or at least agrees to commit to a decision. This approach can be time consuming, but rewarding. What happens, though, when you can’t all agree? What do you do when one director is...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:19
One more sign that philanthropy is entering the mainstream of American popular culture is its intense involvement with this year’s Super Bowl.
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:16
There has never been a more challenging time for philanthropy. Globalization, natural disasters, and economic turmoil have placed additional stresses on social safety nets already stretched to the max. In this environment, the philanthropic sector must be smarter, more adaptable, and more...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:13
Florida Philanthropic Network is pleased to once again be leading the state’s delegation to Washington, D.C., for Foundations on the Hill (FOTH), March 21-22. Although we coordinate visits with our members of Congress back in their home districts throughout the year, FOTH is a critical part of our...
Posted Date: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 11:11
I admit it. I’m a policy wonk who happens to serve a foundation that understands the importance of public policy and advocacy work. We consider weighing in where our participation may be a catalyst for positive change in our state, our region, and our nation. That’s why the annual trek to...


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