Allison Carney

Community Manager
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Allison Carney

Allison is the Community Manager for the Council and works primarily on the Philanthropy Exchange. Previously, she worked at the Nonprofit Roundtable, where she was the Strategic Communications Manager. At the Roundtable, she developed their communications strategy, coordinated networking events, and created an innovative communications event for 100 local nonprofits.

She has also been a nonprofit communications consultant, working with both small and large organizations to grow their online audience. Trained as a lighting designer for theatres, she spent 10 years working in theatres in New York City, Seattle and Massachusetts. 

Allison's bachelor's degree is from Mount Holyoke College and her master's degree is from Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. An avid reader and Shakespeare nerd, she spends lots of time sneaking books passed her wife to stash in their apartment in Capitol Hill. And finally, she and Rosie are proud moms of their dog, Freddie, and 20 lb. cat, Moose.

You should contact Allison with any and all inquiries about the Philanthropy Exchange website.