Federal Liaisons

The Council’s Philanthropic Engagement Liaisons in the Executive Branch

Since November 2011, the Public-Philanthropic Partnership Office in the Council’s Public Policy Department has hosted a bi-monthly meeting with a cadre of staff from various federal departments and agencies.  These Federal Liaisons are a mix of political appointees and career employees from 12 Cabinet Departments and a various independent agencies, such as the EPA and the Corporation for National and Community Service.  The meetings provide an excellent forum for mutual relationship-building, information exchange, partnership development, and cross- sector learning.  Through these information exchanges, the Council has a standing opportunity to orient federal staff about the role of philanthropy and the potential benefits of partnerships between foundations and government entities. The convening also provides a unique forum for federal colleagues to interact with each other about philanthropy strategies and partnerships as there is no specific government vehicle for this purpose.

White House Liaisons

The Council’s relationship with the White House is maintained through our regular communications with the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Engagement and the Office of Public Engagement.  For issues related to veterans and military families, the Council maintains a relationship with the Joining Forces Initiative in the Office of the First Lady.