Understanding the challenges of currency fluctuations on international grantmaking, and taking action to minimize their impact can ensure that this natural process does not become an added barrier to overseas giving. This resource focuses on some of the challenges foundations and giving programs and their grantees face as a result of fluctuating currency exchange rates, and highlights various ways that U.S. grantmakers are dealing with them in their international grantmaking activities. It offers insights from the field that may be useful to grantmakers considering starting an international giving program and to more seasoned ones wishing to improve their practices.
Beyond Our Borders: A Guide to Making Grants Outside the United States
Filled with sample documents and indispensable advice for all philanthropic organizations that make grants that affect people and conditions outside the United States, this guide dissects and explain the various legal and technical requirements necessary to comply with the U.S. law and regulations concerning grants to non-U.S. organizations.
International Corporate Philanthropy Solutions Brief
This solutions brief consolidates lessons learned from roundtable and teleconference discussions and research from the field on international corporate philanthropy.
Making a Difference in Africa: Advice from Experienced Grantmakers
Making a Difference is based on interviews with 50 foundation and corporate officers from 33 foundations. It seeks to present a balanced picture of Africa by highlighting the many opportunities for grantmaker involvement in the continent in effective and rewarding ways.
Principles of Accountability for International Philanthropy
The Principles aim to guide and support funders in making better decisions in pursuing their international missions and objectives, and to provide a framework that will encourage and assist more foundations to get involved internationally.
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