Beyond Our Borders: A Guide to Making Grants Outside the United States

Filled with sample documents and indispensable advice for all philanthropic organizations that make grants that affect people and conditions outside the United States, this guide dissects and explain the various legal and technical requirements necessary to comply with the U.S. law and regulations concerning grants to non-U.S. organizations.

2011 Grantmakers Salary and Benefits Report

This report presents 2011 salaries and compensation trends over a wide range of positions and grantmaking entities—community, private (family and independent) and public foundations and corporate grantmakers.

2011 Grantmakers Salary and Benefits Report

This report presents 2011 salaries and compensation trends over a wide range of positions and grantmaking entities-community foundations, private foundations (family and independent), public foundations, and corporate grantmakers.

The Grandparent Legacy Project

The Grandparent Legacy Project is an oral history tool that helps grandparents communicate their stories—their legacies—across the generations. Created by 21/64 and the Association of Small Foundations, this resource excerpts interviews with 15 well-known philanthropic grandparents, a CD to hear their voices, and a workbook.

 Philanthropy and Rural America

Learn what philanthropy is doing—or should be doing—in rural communities to growing assets and improve education, health, and the environment.

The Complete Guide to Grantmaking Basics: A Field Guide for Funders

The Complete Guide brings together and updates the information, guidance, and tips found in Grantmaking Basics I and II with more essential tools for grantmakers.

Community Foundations Handbook: What You Need to Know

Community Foundations Handbook introduces community foundation CEOs and their staffs to choices—about governance, management, administration, and resource development

How to Calculate the Public Support Test, Fourth Edition

The fourth edition of this easy-to-read how-to guide incorporates the significant updates to the public support test regulations the Department of the Treasury issued in 2011.

Built On Principle: A Guide to Family Foundation Stewardship

Built on Principle will help family foundations achieve excellence using the Stewardship Principles for Family Foundations as a blueprint for excellence.

Facing Forever: Planning for Change in Family Foundations

Family foundations can find opportunities even in times of great change and crisis. Facing Forever will arm you with the tools, stories, and resources to help you prepare for current and future transitions. At the very least, the difficult issues it raises will help get your board talking about and planning for highly personal and highly probable possibilities.

The Guide to Small Foundation Management

Small foundations need special tools. Whether you’re new to foundations, looking for the basics, or a seasoned grantmaker looking to improve upon your work, you will discover operating tips to structure and run your small foundation—from the ground up.

The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others

The Giving Family offers parents dozens of simple family activities to teach children of any age how to give their time, their talents, and (yes!) their money to people and causes they care about

Making a Difference in Africa: Advice from Experienced Grantmakers

Making a Difference is based on interviews with 50 foundation and corporate officers from 33 foundations. It seeks to present a balanced picture of Africa by highlighting the many opportunities for grantmaker involvement in the continent in effective and rewarding ways.

Economic Development: A Legal Guide for Grantmakers

Economic Development contains information that all grantmakers can use plus specific guidance for private foundations, community foundations, and corporate grantmakers.