Diversity & Inclusion

The Council on Foundations promotes responsible and effective philanthropy. Our mission requires a commitment to inclusiveness as a fundamental operating principle. It also calls for affirmations of diversity in its many forms, encompassing but not limited to:

  • ethnicity
  • race     
  • gender
  • sexual orientation and identification
  • age
  • economic circumstance
  • class 
  • disability
  • geography
  • philosophy

Diversity ensures that a range of perspectives, opinions, and experiences are recognized and acted upon in achieving the Council’s mission. We ask members to make a similar commitment to inclusiveness in order to be more effective and better enhance their abilities to contribute to our changing society.

View the Council's policy on inclusiveness.

Use these resources to enhance your organization's diversity and inclusive practice.

D5′s 2014 State of the Work highlights new tools and resources, recently completed research, and new organizational approaches that can help foundations and philanthropic organizations take action, achieve their goals regarding DEI, and advance the common
This study conducted by Forward Change provides a holistic, in-depth picture of the career experiences of 43 philanthropic professionals of color ranging from Program Officers to CEOs working in a diverse array of foundations.
Population-focused funds (PFFs) are giving vehicles established by and for members of racial, ethnic, tribal, gender, sexual-orientation, and other identity-based communities to address critical issues within those communities
To support leaders in their efforts to take meaningful action to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their organizations, D5 commissioned JustPartners, Inc. to identify the most effective policies, practices, and programs to advance DEI.
A factsheet on disability from the Disability Funders Network.
From The Chicago Community Trust, this white paper challenges all of us with a set of thoughtful recommendations to realize our promise for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in our communities, our schools and our workplaces.
From The Chicago Community Trust, this guide is for all nonprofit organizations that share The Chicago Community Trust's commitment to diversity.
A video series featuring leaders sharing their insights about their organizational journey to become more diverse and inclusive and lessons learned along the way.
This monograph features foundation CEO and trustee reflections on the impact of a broad array of diversity and inclusiveness efforts.


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