Grants to and from Private Foundations

Frequently asked questions about legal basics and anti-terrorism.
Learn about grants made by U.S.-based foundations to international recipients. This online mapping tool contains in-depth data, such as grant details and financials, allowing you to customize the information to suit your needs.
While philanthropy that crosses national borders has much in common with its domestic counterpart, it also differs in significant and challenging ways.
Can a private foundation make a grant to a public charity that lobbies?
Making grants to dissolving organizations and what happens to unspent grant money if the organization does dissolve.
When a private foundation makes grants to a public charity that jeopardizes the public charity's ability to pass the public support test.
Frequently asked questions about private foundation rules for making grants to supporting organizations.
Foundations reviewing an existing or proposed discretionary grant program should keep these basic legal principles and operational guidelines in mind.
Gifts from private foundations to field of interest funds, designated funds, and other funds that are not donor advised, are entirely permissible and do not raise special concerns.


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