Grants to Non-Charities

May corporate grantmakers make grants to units of government such as public schools or local parks departments?
Outlines the difference between making grants through direct-giving programs and corporate foundations.
With a little caution, community foundations can support the charitable activities of non-charities.
May a private corporate foundation or corporate giving program make a grant to a newly-established charity that has not yet received its IRS tax exemption letter?
Generally, there is no legal restriction against making grants to churches, synagogues, mosques or other religious institutions. But there are some things foundations interested in such grantmaking should know.
Americans may disagree about various aspects of war, but there is broad support for helping the men and women who are fighting in wars and the families they have left behind.
Making grants to government entities is much easier than most foundation boards realize. Indeed foundations all across the country have made grants to school boards, government commissions and federal agencies.
Options for community foundations, public foundations, and other charities for disaster grantmaking.
Options for private foundations for disaster grantmaking.


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