Safe Communities and Violence Prevention

This report highlights the accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned from TCWF's Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI or Initiative) during the period 1992-2003.
Research publications on firearm violence from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.
A collection of podcasts and publications from the Center for Court Innovation.
A collection of case studies, strategies and reports from the National League of Cities.
A collection of publications, news articles, and issue papers on gun violence from the Foundation Center.
This collection of resources provides ideas, best practices and lessons learned about what works in violence prevention — for those who would like to be part of the solution
This Toolkit was developed to support cities in developing youth violence prevention plans by building partnerships, taking an inventory of local resources and assets, and designing strategies, based on local data, that address the nature of youth violenc
This publication from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explores the history of violence and the reasons why it has become a greater focus for public health in recent decades.
In this video from TEDMED 2013, epidemiologist Gary Slutkin of Cure Violence says the issue has been misdiagnosed, and instead created science-based strategies that aim to stop violence before it erupts.
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