With Congress and the media focusing on corporate governance and foundation administration, it is a good time to make sure that all grantmakers have a strong conflict of interest policy in place.
The persistent scrutiny of nonprofit governance has prompted leaders at many types of organizations to take steps to assure that their own houses are in good legal and financial order. For private foundations, this checklist is a good place to start.
Slide presentation reviewing the basics of self-dealing for family foundations.
This article explores one of the more common questions about conflicts of interest: May the foundation's lawyer serve as a trustee?
Because of the legal issues involved, foundations should carefully consider whether foundation funds should be used to cover certain expenses.
What do you do when a grantee—or potential grantee—asks someone on your board or staff to sit on their board? Does such a request constitute a conflict of interest?
Accepting and using tickets and other tangible benefits of more than minimal value raises questions for foundation managers. Here's what the general Tax Code rules say is acceptable.
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