Disaster Grantmaking

A guidebook from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund detailing lessons learned from their efforts in the disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts after the rash of tornadoes that devastated Alabama in April 2011.
This web based tool is a central location for State/Local/Tribal governments, emergency managers, and planners to view programs from Federal, State, For-Profit, Non-Profit, and Charitable entities.
This document is written for those tasked with the development, maintenance, and implementation of a state disaster recovery plan.
Four stories of how philanthropy responded to national disasters. In each case, organized, strategic giving focused on long-term solutions to the challenges a community faced in disaster.
Grantmakers can be more effective and strategic in addressing disasters by following eight principles of good disaster management.
A number of practical suggestions for good disaster grantmaking are highlighted in this guide.
Outlines how employer-connected disaster relief and emergency hardship funds are eligible for exemption.
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, corporate grantmakers often wish to address the needs of employees and the community at large. Grantmakers must understand the legal rules that govern disaster grantmaking.
Matching gift options for disaster grantmaking.


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