Public Policy

With the news that the Philanthropic Facilitation Act (H.R. 3420) was introduced in the U.S.
Linda Reed of the Montana Community Foundation shares the story about her visit to the Capitol and briefing congressional staff on the Rural Philanthropy Growth Act.
With the supercommittee’s apparent failure, Congress is now facing $1.2 trillion in automatic budget cuts. This may not stop Congress from finding alternative ways of addressing the deficit.
Did you know Liberia is the home of the world’s only Secretariat for Philanthropy? As Re: Philanthropy’s coverage of global grantmaking continues, read about the Secretariat’s story and the lessons that can be learned from it.
Some of the central themes of this week’s Global Grantmaking Institute focused on tackling problems head on, collaboration, and creating lasting change.
The Center’s 2005 Issue Forum is a venue in which to explore the challenges posed by a changing era for philanthropy.
As a national voice for philanthropy, the Council works to create an environment in which philanthropy can grow and thrive, and to promote policies that allow the philanthropic sector to remain vibrant, inclusive, innovative, and effective.


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