October 19-22| Preconference October 17-19 | Cleveland, Ohio

2014 Fall Conference for Community Foundations

A Transformative Idea. A Remarkable Future.

Why You Should Attend

Getting approval to participate in professional development events can be challenging. But, you can take initiative and show your organization why and how your attendance at the2014 Fall Conference for Community Foundations will strengthen your performance and benefit the stakeholders of your organization.

While online and local events may provide benefits, nothing can replace the value of the face-to-face offering of fresh perspectives and new ideas developed through conversations amongst peers facing similar challenges.

This “Benefits Toolkit” is designed specifically to help you articulate the benefits of attending the conference.  At our 2014 Fall Conference, you will hear renowned subject-matter experts,discover peer-tested ideas, learn new ways to innovate, and make valuable connections with other leaders in the philanthropic sector. But, how do you share the value of this opportunity with your Board or supervisor in order to help justify your attendance?

The “Benefits Toolkit” Includes:

Making the Case to Attend

Consider the following tips when explaining the benefits of the conference:

  • Clearly state what insights and tools you will gain to support your organization’s mission.
  • Offer to give a short demonstration to your peers about what you learned from your conference experience.
  • Distribute the conference highlights and speaker handouts to your peers. Materials presented by the speakers will be made available to attendees.
  • Identify potential collaborations between your organization and other conference attendees.
  • Understand the total costs related to attending the conference. (See “Expense Worksheet Form”) Register by August 31 to save $200 on your conference.