KDK-Harman Joins Other Philanthropic Partners to Inform Congress on Role and Impact of Philanthropy

Over 200 foundations across the United States, next week will converge on D.C. to strengthen partnerships among the philanthropic and public sectors. In our fourth consecutive year, KDK-Harman Foundation, will participate in the annual Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) public awareness campaign aimed at voicing the importance of a vibrant philanthropic sector with federal representatives. 

“Throughout our involvement with FOTH, this advocacy day is a great opportunity for us to build and strengthen meaningful working relationships with our elected officials. We have a responsibility to educate members of Congress about the role and impact of foundations, to highlight our work in Central Texas, and to help our Congress understand our collective potential as partners to effectively address the growing needs within our community,” states Janet Harman, President & Founder of KDK-Harman.

Philanthropy has a long history of helping foster innovative, long-term solutions to some of America’s most pressing civic and economical challenges. With federal and state administrations focused on limiting spending and reducing deficits, the philanthropic sector’s role is increasing important. Overlay changes to the tax code and this could seriously impede philanthropy’s ability to respond to strategically community needs.

During our meeting with federal officials, together KDK-Harman and our colleagues from the Conference of Southwest Foundations will discuss specifically how philanthropy has worked in partnership with government and community leaders to leverage resources and outcomes affecting a vibrant Texas. In large part our continued participation in such public policy activities at both the federal and state-level, underscore our belief in utilizing advocacy as a key lever of change in our focus to break the cycle of poverty through education. Join us and follow the conversation on Twitter: @KDKHarman #FOTH #philanthropy

Erica Ekwurzel is a consultant for the KDK-Harman Foundation.

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