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Why We Join Forces


Last week I joined other members of the Veterans Philanthropy Exchange in Washington DC for our first meeting since the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. joined the Philanthropy Joining Forces Impact Pledge. All members have agreed to support veterans and their families as they rejoin our communities and continue their mission of service. The Foundation is honored to be accepted as part of this unique group of like-minded organizations that are truly focused on sharing best practices and acting on behalf of the interests of veterans and their families.

At the event, I met with veterans from several NPOs who work closely with returning military and their families to address job searching skills such as how to interview and write a resume. Veterans returning from active service often have valuable leadership and technology skills, for instance, but need help translating those skills and invaluable experience to opportunities in the civilian workforce. Several member organizations also work closely with veterans who have strong entrepreneurship desires to connect them with appropriate networks and opportunities.

Throughout my conversations with other members, I was struck by the benefits of collaborating with these organizations to deliver needed services to the front lines in key local communities. This is a tremendous collaborative environment that links together NPOs that might otherwise operate independently without the same impact.

The focus and commitment of members align perfectly with the Foundation's $8M investment to support veterans through the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund, Four Block Foundation, Team Rubicon, Easter Seals Dixon Center, Hire Heroes and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. We are aiming to reach an additional 100,000 veterans and their families over a five year period. One year into that process we have reached 15,800 veterans and are on our way to reaching that goal.

I have been proud of many of the Foundation's accomplishment this year and was also happy that PwC was recently selected as #4 on Military Times's Best for Vets: Employers 2016 List. Nonetheless, military personnel never stop striving to be the best and neither should we. At both the PwC Charitable Foundation and at PwC, we focus on this objective. I am a co-chair of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation's Leatherneck Ball committee and help honor those who serve this community. Tomorrow, the PwC Charitable Foundation and PwC will be honored for their work with veterans at the event with the Kemper Sidelis Award. We are inspired by the recognition and will hold ourselves to an even higher standard when it comes to educating veterans and helping them transition to the workforce.

Since I became PwC Charitable Foundation's veteran liaison and a Member of the PwC Veterans Council, I've learned there are many ways to assist and honor our veterans. Investing in their success and harnassing the unique skills they offer all of us is certainly at the top of the list.

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