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Philanthropy Responds to Another National Tragedy: Oakland Warehouse Fire

The East Bay Community Foundation has kept the Council abreast of the latest in regards to the recent tragedy in Oakland. Included in their response is a strategic move to address the safety and affordability of spaces for the artist community in Oakland.

The City of Oakland and surrounding communities are in mourning in the aftermath of the December 2 Oakland Warehouse fire, which has claimed at least three dozen victims. As a community foundation, the East Bay Community Foundation has been working in close cooperation with the City of Oakland to help address both immediate and longer-term needs that are arising from this tragedy.

Specifically, they are helping to channel funds to assist victims and their families with needs such as temporary housing and funeral expenses. Individuals wishing to support these efforts may do so through one of two YouCaring sites, which are raising funds in coordination with the Mayor’s office:

  • The Oakland A’s, Oakland Raiders, and Golden State Warriors are working together to raise money that will be managed and dispersed by the Red Cross. The sports teams are providing a total of $150,000 in matching funds to donations made through this fundraising page.
  • Gray Area Foundation for the Arts is raising money through this fundraising page that will be dispersed directly to victims and their families, and via the Red Cross.

East Bay Community Foundation also maintains a Community Resilience Fund to provide support in times of tragedy and loss. In response to the fire, this fund will provide grants to community-based organizations working to mitigate the medium and long-term impacts from this tragedy.

As has been the case several times this year, the Council has stood with its members in responding to a national disaster or community crisis. Several Disaster Philanthropy resources are here to help your foundation think critically about how it will respond.

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