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Community Foundation Update - January 2017

Happy 2017! I’m kicking off the new year sharing updates and resources to help you as you prepare and plan for what lies ahead. Find out about trends that will affect philanthropy, learn how best to stay up to date on important policy developments in Washington, D.C., and don’t miss out on great new learning and networking opportunities coming up this year.

What Will Shape the World in 2017?

Did you read our 2017 Trendspotting Series in December? We invited 12 top thinkers from a variety of fields to contribute their predictions on the major trends that will shape 2017 and in turn impact the philanthropic community.

From communications to civil society, arts and culture to talent, there is a lot packed within these trend forecasts. While the series may have concluded, the conversation continues, and we want to hear from you. Do you agree with the authors’ projections? Have they missed something? Please comment on the pieces and share your thoughts about the authors' forecasts or join the conversation on Twitter using #2017Trends.

We will raise up many of these topics at our Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, from April 23-26, 2017.

Annual Conference 2017 — Designed with You in Mind

This conference is packed with community philanthropy in mind. The vibrant communities track focuses on the complex and rich issues that can deeply engage your donors and lead to more impactful grantmaking.

The philanthropic practices track is designed to support community foundations with the practical business of supporting your donors, nonprofits, and communities to bring about lasting change through philanthropy. Register today for early bird pricing!

Tax Reform Is Almost Here

Comprehensive tax reform is on its way. Stay in the loop about what's happening in public policy through the Council. If you aren’t already, subscribe to the Council’s Washington Snapshot newsletter for weekly updates on tax reform developments, take a look at our issue papers, talking points, templates, and other tax reform materials on our website, and remember, Council staff are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Plan Ahead — 2017 Activities to Consider

In the spirit of keeping our global community connected, Community Foundations of Canada is pleased to offer a number of bursaries to assist international participants with some of the costs of attending. Please apply for an international bursary by filling out the short questionnaire on this page before January 16, 2017.

Recent Council Blogs, Plus Helpful Insights and Tips

Finally, did you miss my year-end letter in the mail?