2014 Annual Conference Call for Sessions

Monday, February 10, 2014

Call for Sessions

Be a part of the 2014 Annual Conference: Philanthropy Exchange!

The Council is issuing a Call for Sessions to leading civil and social innovators. We are looking to you for well-developed sessions that offer diverse perspectives, concrete solutions, and fresh insights into our Spotlight Issue: The Role of Philanthropy in an Increasingly Polarized Society

We need you to make this conference a success by designing sessions that will inspire and engage your professional colleagues in philanthropy, broaden their perspectives, and empower them toward their mission at the 2014 Philanthropy Exchange!

Our conference attendees expect a substantive and interactive learning experience. To ensure this, we have constructed a conference framework designed to facilitate a deliberate progression of programming.

Submit Your Session Today

The sector seeks to address a wide array of societal concerns, and the full breadth of philanthropy’s impact is too vast for in-depth discussion on every issue. The Council will theme its 2014 Philanthropy Exchange around the Spotlight Issue: The Role of Philanthropy in an Increasingly Polarized Society. We will develop this theme through the following five topical pillars:

  • Democratic Practice – Issues that include government, legislation, the criminal justice system, voting rights, immigration, and civic engagement, among others.
  • Education – Issues related to educational equity, employment readiness, job availability, and more.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Topics such as climate change, environmental justice, and sustainability efforts fall under this pillar.
  • Health – Physical and mental wellness, violence, safety, food security, and access to affordable care.
  • Poverty – Includes the subjects of income inequality, the war on poverty, municipal and state solvency, and sustained economic wellbeing.

In addition to elaborating on the issues that fracture our nation within the five pillar framework, great submissions will:

  • Equip attendees with tools necessary to apply conference learning 
  • Offer innovative solutions for attendees to implement social change
  • Incorporate voices, philosophies, and ideologies that reflect the diversity from which philanthropy draws its strength

To this end, we ask that sessions examine issues through a lens that encourages inclusion of all forms and engages a variety of communities, including boys and young men of color, LGBTQ, youth, veterans, the disabled, and more. It is our aim to find solidarity in our diversity and to harmonize the many voices of philanthropy into one resounding call for innovation this June in Washington, DC. Join us in our mission to connect, impact, and advance philanthropy across the nation at the 2014 Philanthropy Exchange!

To learn more and to submit a session, visit our website. The session submission period closes on February 26, 2014.