October 19-22| Preconference October 17-19 | Cleveland, Ohio

2014 Fall Conference for Community Foundations

A Transformative Idea. A Remarkable Future.

Presenter Policies

The Council will reimburse one presenter per session. The Council will cover expenses described in the presenter packet. Each confirmed presenter receives further details outlining next steps (request for photo/bio and waiver; explain reimbursement policy -if applicable- or registration information).

Presenter Assistance with Expenses

It is the responsibility of the group of presenters to determine to whom the Council will be reimbursing expenses.
[One presenter per session (unless additional presenters are authorized) can receive]:

  • One complimentary day of registration for each day they are presenting (excluding non-Council preconference events).
  • Hotel room and taxes for one night stay at a Council designated hotel if the presenter resides outside of the local conference area. A second night of lodging may be offered at the Council’s discretion if flight connections and/or financial issues make an extra night’s lodging necessary.
  • Roundtrip transportation to and from the conference not to exceed $400 (including one checked bag).  

All expenses must be documented and in line with the Council’s Guidelines for Reimbursable Expenses for Conference Presenters.


The Council does not provide honoraria for concurrent session presenters.

No Solicitation Policy
Occasionally at Council conferences, presenters who are not members of the Council use sessions as forums to solicit business for their firms. Emphasize to your non-foundation-affiliated presenters that the Council appreciates their willingness to share time, expertise, and knowledge with conference participants, but requests that they refrain from soliciting business or contributions during sessions.

Guidelines for Reimbursable Expenses for Conference Presenters

These guidelines are for those presenters who have been identified as eligible for reimbursement.

The Council on Foundations will cover the expenses described in these guidelines for one presenter per session.  Original receipts for out-of-pocket expenses must be attached to the Council Travel & Expense Report form in order to be reimbursed, regardless of the amount.  Reimbursements will not be made until the Council’s accounting requirements are met.

Roundtrip Transportation: The Council will reimburse the amounts indicated below (unless a different amount is indicated on your presenter contract) for ground transportation and airfare between your home and the conference site.

Ground Transportation: The Council will not reimburse the cost of limousine service without prior Council approval. Itemize use of taxis on back of expense report and submit receipts.  The Council will reimburse mileage at .565 cents per mile when a personal automobile is used (this amount cannot exceed the cost of round-trip coach airfare).  The Council will not pay for any damages, repairs, or out-of-pocket costs for operating your automobile.  The Council will not reimburse for rental cars.

Airfare: The Council will reimburse you up to $400 (unless a different amount is indicated on your presenter contract, or prior approval is received) for one round-trip, coach class ticket between your home and the conference site. You are also granted up to $35.00 one checked bag. The Council will not reimburse for any amount above $400 unless approval is received prior to purchasing the ticket. The itinerary may not contain additional stopovers without advance approval. Any costs associated with changes to your itinerary following issuance of the ticket are your responsibility. We encourage you to seek the most reasonable air fare possible. Flight arrangements may be made online.

Hotel:  You are responsible for making your reservation at the conference hotel.  Reservations made at other hotels will not be reimbursed, without prior approval. If you live outside of the local conference area, one night of your stay (unless a different number of nights have been approved) at the conference hotel will be billed directly to the Council.  You are responsible for any cancellation fees.  The hotel will bill you directly for additional nights and any other charges made to your room such as upgrades, meals, videos, parking, valet, and taxes.  No entertainment or personal expenses, e.g., phone calls, internet service, postage, photocopying services, dry-cleaning, pay television, health club, etc., will be reimbursed.

Tips:  The Council will reimburse for porterage in the amount of $1.00 per bag and gratuities of $2.00 per day for maid service for nights the Council is covering.

Meals:  If meals are not provided by the conference or otherwise by the Council, the Council will reimburse the cost of meals while traveling and on the day of your presentation up to the following limits (inclusive of tax and gratuity): $30 for breakfast, $35 for lunch and $50 for dinner.

Foreign ExchangeThe Council will reimburse based on the documented rate of exchange actually paid.  Original receipts must be included that show the amount of foreign currency purchased and rate of exchange received.  Reimbursements for out of pocket expenses will be made at the documented rate up to the total amount of currency purchased.  If documentation is not available for foreign exchange rates used, the Council will reimburse at the rate quoted by www.exchangerate.com.   For foreign credit card transactions, reimbursements will be based on the actual costs reported by credit card receipt; therefore, credit card receipts or statements must be included with reimbursement requests for foreign expenses paid by credit card.  The basis used to calculate the amount of foreign expenses should be noted on the travel report.

Please note the deadline for submitting Travel & Expense Report with your receipts indicated on the form (thirty days after the end of the conference).  Reimbursements will be processed after the conclusion of the conference.  To guarantee prompt reimbursement, please be certain that the Travel & Expense Report is complete, signed and submitted with all original receipts by the specified deadline.  Please allow four weeks after the report has been submitted to receive payment.