Ariana Snowdon

The Hill-Snowdon Foundation

Ariana Snowdon is a Next-Gen and Family Philanthropy consultant based in San Francisco, where she works with foundations, donors and non-profits on Next-Gen and Multi-Gen strategy and development. She is also a trustee of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation, a Washington, DC based foundation founded by her great-grandfather. A 2010 graduate of Wesleyan University, where she studied Environmental Science, Sociology and Public Heath, she has extensive experience working with non-profits across a range of fields, from river conservation to affordable housing and domestic violence prevention. Before moving to San Francisco, she was the Family Philanthropy Fellow with Resource Generation, and spent four years on the Grantmaking Committee of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. She is currently the Board Chair of Whit Press, a Jackson Hole based non-profit publishing company dedicated to promoting the work of women, social, racial, and economic minorities, first time authors, and youth