A Practitioner’s Guide to Leading Corporate Philanthropy

Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value

In October of 2013, the Council, in partnership with Amgen, Inc., ArcelorMittal, Dow Chemical Company Foundation, Eli Lilly& Company Foundation, General Mills Foundation, ING Foundation, Intel Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and Medtronic, Inc., released Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value Corporate Practitioner's Toolkit. The Toolkit provides strategic planning assessments, tools, resources and case study samples to help practitioners enhance the impact of corporate giving and foundation programs and build internal support with senior leaders. It is a companion resource supporting the principles detailed in Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value: A Practitioners Guide to Leading Corporate Philanthropy.

This toolkit has the following components:

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire - Designed to be used alongside Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value the Self-Assessment Questionnaire allows users to evaluate programs against the agenda items or practices in the guide.
  • Exploration Guide - Designed to be used alongside Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value the Exploration Guide helps corporate philanthropy practitioners explore the full range of possibilities available to enhance their program and consider ways to integrate the theory and practice into their context.
  • Supplemental Resources - These additional resources help corporate philanthropy practitioners apply the knowledge gained through the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Exploration Guide to implement the practices suggested in Increasing Impact. They include:
    • Glossary of terms. Contains definitions of key terms to help practitioners understand and apply the information presented in the guide and companion documents.
    • Articles and other publications. Provide more background, methodologies, and examples for improving a company’s philanthropic programs.
    • Sample documents. Includes PowerPoint presentations, planning tools, and evaluation forms.
    • Case studies. Includes global examples on how companies are working to improve the impact and value of their corporate philanthropy.

A one-year company/foundation subscription to the Toolkit is available for purchase at the introductory rate of $329.00 for members or $669.00 for non-members.