Creating a Racial Equity Community Narrative with Strategic Plan Alignment: "A Milwaukee For All" Case Study

Are you preparing to launch your new strategic plan or give lift to advancing your leadership position within the community? Does your organization want to develop a bolder voice around its commitment to racial equity and inclusion? Achieving your organizational goals takes buy-in, inspired donors, and cross-sector community partnerships. But how do you build a genuine shared community vision that can support your strategic priorities, such as reimagining philanthropy and systems change? This session shares a case study of what it took to build a strategic vision for "A Milwaukee for All" and will engage attendees via examples of how the Greater Milwaukee Foundation repositioned itself to be a transformational community change leader. The Foundation has successfully engaged its donors and community partners to work together for racial justice and meaningful change. This platform also helped the Foundation raise visibility for its Comprehensive Development Campaign. Attendees will: gain the knowledge and confidence needed to develop a bold racial equity and inclusion narrative; learn the value and process for crosssector, diverse stakeholder inclusion, including young leaders of color; and receive a "how-to" guide for external launch success.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 1:50pm to 2:40pm
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