Inclusive Economic Prosperity White Paper

In 2018, the Council on Foundations introduced a series of summits on inclusive economic prosperity. These summits were designed to help foundation leaders better understand the leading role that philanthropy can play in developing inclusive economic prosperity outcomes in local economies.

Given the differences in areas of interest, resources,assets, and economic drivers in the Southern states compared to Midwestern states, the summits were scheduled in two locations with similar agendas. The first convening in Spartanburg, SC, with the second in St. Paul, MN. Each summit was attended by approximately 100 foundation leaders, researchers, policymakers,practitioners and other economic stakeholders to share ideas and offer serious answers to the challenges and opportunities of inclusive economic prosperity.

By examining inherited economic issues (like historical inequities) and present-day factors impacting local economies (like racial demographic shifts in an accelerated tech-based innovation economy), the summits presented a broad scope of solution-oriented ideas, insights, and practices that can contribute to the development of a healthy, inclusive economic ecosystem that is both equitable and innovative. We organized some of the most interesting and useful insights from the summits in the hope they might guide the decision-making processes used by investment leaders who will help shape America’s future for generations.