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"As foundation leaders and philanthropists learn more about the major societal issues that they fund—they also learn about the public policy, legislation and appropriations that can serve as barriers and/or bridges to the solutions to the issues. Therefore, it is critical that they use their information, access, influence, and knowledge to speak up and speak out to public officials—elected and appointed—to alter the public policy, which can consequently improve the lives and conditions of the people and communities that they care so much about!! The combination of the personal advocacy and the foundation's donation is a powerful duo to effect real change for the common good!!"
~Ann Cramer, Trustee, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

"The origins, role and crucial importance of the nonprofit sector for a healthy civil society are largely misunderstood or overlooked. Foundations have the resources and social capital to elevate the vital role of philanthropy for those who benefit and for those who are governing. It is important to understand why the sector exists, how it came to be, and what our society would be without it. It’s a straightforward and powerful story and I believe it is our duty as foundation representatives to bring it to light so that it can be as effective in serving the public as it was originally meant to be."
~Mason Rummel, President, James Graham Brown Foundation

"As foundations, we need to tell our story so that lawmakers understand our importance as they consider policies that affect philanthropy. We shouldn't stop there though. Foundations have an important opportunity to use public policy to achieve our mission and goals. As we think about the big change we seek to attain and the limited grant budgets we have as foundations, it becomes even more important to leverage public resources and share our learning to increase impact."
~Regan Gruber Moffitt, Associate Vice President, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

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