National Recognition of the Council's Legal Team

Suzanne Friday Receives the "Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Award" from The American Bar Association
Monday, June 1, 2015
Arlington, VA

This week, American Bar Association (ABA) has selected the Council’s Senior Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs Suzanne Friday for its prestigious “Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Award” in recognition of “distinguished service by a nonprofit – in-house counsel.” This award is chosen by The Nonprofit Organizations Committee of the American Bar Association, Business Law Section, celebrating the work of accomplished and civic-minded nonprofit lawyers. This is one of the highest national awards for nonprofit legal counsel and serves as a major acknowledgment of the work that Suzanne has done to strengthen the Council’s legal affairs capacity.

Additionally, the ABA has recognized Suzanne for “her passion and dedication to the idea of increasing the usefulness of charitable funds,” as well as Suzanne‘s ability to apply her deep knowledge of the law in assisting Council members with understanding the law’s impact on the day-to-day management of an organization.

The Council recognizes Suzanne for this extraordinary achievement and, as always, Council members should feel free to contact our legal team with any questions.