#PhilChat: How Can Philanthropy Help America’s Middle Class?

Twitter debate to engage grantmakers on philanthropy’s role in helping out during tough economic times.
Thursday, May 17, 2012
Arlington, VA

The great recession continues to plague America’s communities, but no group has been more affected than the middle class. Can philanthropy help these families get back on their feet? How do grantmakers address the issues affecting the middle class? While this topic was debated during the Council on Foundations 2012 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, we pose these challenging questions to the field now for all to weigh in.

Please join the Council and The Chronicle of Philanthropy during a special Twitter chat on May 24, 2–3 p.m. ET, using the hashtag #PhilChat to offer your thoughts on the topic. The conversation will include special guest tweeters. Themes that will be explored include:

  1. How do foundations and grantmakers provide a better understanding of the collective well-being?
  2. What should the philanthropic community do to ensure that minority communities aren’t falling behind?
  3. How do philanthropic organizations address the “cradle to prison” pipeline?
  4. What can grantmakers do to help improve the labor market?
  5. What are good examples of grantmakers/foundations working to improve our education system?
  6. Why is it important for philanthropy to partner with government agencies to address these problems?

How the Twitter chat works: Participants just need to access their Twitter accounts and follow the discussion through the #PhilChat hashtag. 

The Council and The Chronicle encourage participants to tweet questions before and during the one-hour online conversation. Some of the most common questions and requests for information will be gathered and addressed during the chat. 

Participants can send messages via Twitter before the chat to the Council (@COF_) or The Chronicle(@philanthropy).