Policy Toolkit for Community Foundations

Advocacy for Community Foundations

Community Foundations have an important story to tell. This section provides a one-stop-shop for the guidance, materials, and messages Community Foundations need to engage with policymakers and other community leaders, and to build these important relationships and communicate about their organizational impact in a clear, compelling way to protect against policy changes that could diminish Community Foundations’ capabilities.

Advocacy Toolkit

The Advocacy Toolkit contains tips and ideas for how to contact your lawmaker and begin to make a meaningful connection that supports the work you do in your community.

How to Find Your Lawmaker

Not sure about who represents you? Use these resources to find your local lawmakers.

  • Members of Congress – your DC representation courtesy of OpenCongress.org.
  • State Leaders – your state capitol representation courtesy of the Sunlight Foundation.

Influence and Information. Why making connections is important to you and your community.

The Philanthropy Awareness project is an outstanding, in-depth look at the perceptions of philanthropy by people of influence to the sector and the meaningful opportunities that exist to spread the word about our work.