Relevance + Networking + Stewardship + Agility = IMPACT

The reimagined Council—Council 2.0—will be structured differently so we can truly be a hub that connects you with the right people and organizations. Member stewardship will be core to everything the Council undertakes on your behalf. To do this effectively, you’re going to see a lot more of us. We will have full-time staff living in different parts of the country to work more closely with each of you and ensure that our entire organization better understands your role and priorities. Through deeper relationships with you, these Council team members will have ground-level knowledge about key leaders and issues, increasing our ability to develop more connections for you that lead to increased impact.

We are making thoughtful and deliberate changes that will help the Council become a place for you to collaborate, exchange ideas, and discover how we can all work together to advance the common good.

Tell us your thoughts and reactions to the new Council.