Participant Information


ESS faculty are experienced foundation practitioners, attorneys, foundation advisors, and Council on Foundations Senior Advisors.

Registration Fees

Fees for ESS courses vary and are paid to the organization sponsoring the event.

Sessions and Sample Materials

There are seven individual sessions in the curriculum and, with the exception of session 1—Being Grounded in Philanthropy, which should be taken first—they can be taken in any order. Each session varies in length—from 60 minutes to three and a half hours. The workshops are interactive and discussion-oriented.

Every participant receives a set of materials for each session. This includes:

  • a detailed guide to use during the session
  • readings and learning resources
  • the ESS Resource Guide (a bibliography that will be given only once with session 1)

To give you an idea of the ESS curriculum, you may review the Participant Guide to session 1—Being Grounded in Philanthropy. This workshop provides an overview of the history and culture of organized philanthropy as well as its role in society. It also offers an understanding of the essential skills and strategies grantmakers need on the job.