Don't Skimp on Overhead in 2017: Expand your Admin Support

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The webinar explores the success factors and goals for building a donor base committed to operations. A range of strategies are used dependent on your community market, donor base, and resources required, but expanding your admin support builds value beyond the immediate operational needs. It is the cornerstone of fundraising designed for sustainability and your mission to grow your impact in the community.

Included in the call:

  • Brad Ward, Director of Community Philanthropy, will set the stage for raising admin support to diversify beyond the fee structure and include a few considerations overall for administrative capacity.
  • Paula Wolferseder Yabar, Senior Vice President of Membership and Development, will draw from personal experience in raising administrative contributions and include tips on how to appeal to donors for specific operating needs, such as building costs, programmatic offerings, as well as your staff's professional membership and training needs.
  • Paula will explore how to identify key donors for administrative support, and help you translate to the board the importance of 'investing' in your operations for sustainability, growth, and leadership strength--both internally and externally.
  • Suzanne Friday, Senior Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs, will cover the specifics to gift acceptance rules and revenues beyond admin fees. She will explore the acceptance of gifts for either direct administrative support or the increase of administrative endowments.
  • Suzanne will explain how admin endowments can be used not only for the earnings, but depending upon your policies, some of the growth for operational needs.