Everything You Need to Know About Impact Investing (in 1 Hour!)

It seems like everyone is talking about impact investing these days… but is it right for you and your organization? In this webinar experts will elaborate upon what it is, how to decide if it’s right for your organization and explore some of the the biggest hurdles holding individuals and organizations back from directing funds to impact investing. Industry experts Jean Case, Melanie Audette, and Dan Brillman, who will now be joined by Stacy Donohue and Kate Ahern lead the discussion and share how organizations can unite purpose with profit. 

Please view the Short Guide to Impact Investing as an additional resource and recommended primer before viewing the webinar. 

This webinar was presented free-of-charge through sponsorship from the Case Foundation, in partnership with Council on Foundations and Mission Investors Exchange.


Jean Case

The Case Foundation

Stacy Donohue

Investment Partner
Omidyar Network

Dan Brillman

Founder and CEO
Unite US

Kate Ahern

Vice President, Social Innovation
The Case Foundation


Melanie Audette

Deputy Director
Mission Investors Exchange


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