The Global Goals in New York City

“If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere":
How the Sustainable Development Goals connect local challenges to worldwide efforts

There are significant challenges facing American communities today, including growing domestic inequality and increased poverty. In New York, members of the philanthropic community work in a variety of innovative and collaborative ways to improve quality of life and create sustainable local communities. 

We are pleased to invite New York City-based funders to join the Council on Foundations, the SDG Philanthropy Platform and Philanthropy New York at the 92nd Street Y on March 18th to discuss how work already underway in New York City supports the universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As American philanthropy grapples with local challenges, how do our solutions and experiences link to challenges elsewhere around the globe? How can these new global goals encourage and enhance domestic programs in the United States? Why do these goals matter in New York and how can funders leverage the SDGs to create new partnerships? 

Event Agenda

Morning discussions will provide attendees with a strong overview of the Sustainable Development Goals, including what they are and how they were formed, how New York initiatives like #OneNYC and local needs assessments support the goals, and how the SDGs will be implemented and measured in the US.

The afternoon will include table-top conversations around specific areas of ongoing focus in New York and how these relate to specific SDG targets, including poverty and inequality, workforce development and economic security, gender, justice reform, and health.

Throughout the event, funders will work together to determine whether the SDGs provide new opportunities for partnership and collaboration to improve


This page will be updated as additional speakers are added to our agenda. 

  • Henry Timms, Executive Director, 92nd Street Y 
  • Vikki Spuill, President and CEO, Council on Foundations
  • Tom Wright, President, Regional Planning Association 
  • Kristen Lewis, Co-Director Measure of America
  • David Udell, National Center for Access to Justice 
  • Risa Kaufman, Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School 
  • Jessica Espey, Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • Tony Pipa, US Government Special Coordinator for Post-2015 Development Agenda 
  • Lauren Bradford, Global Partnerships Manager, Foundation Center 
  • Mike Beard, Advocacy Director and Director of Better World Campaign, UN Foundation

Table-top Lunch Discussions led by: 

  • Arturo Garcia-Costas, New York Community Trust 
  • Kate Daly, New York City Economic Development Corporation
  • Ana Oliveira, New York Women's Foundation 
  • Tynesha McHarris, Novo Foundation 
  • Lourdes Rodriguez, New York State Health Foundation 
  • Rachel Leon, Environmental Grantmakers Association 

*Council events are not opportunities for solicitation of any kind, including asking for business, fund management, or grants. All types of solicitation are strictly prohibited. For more information, read our no solicitation policy.