Humanitarian Crises Around the World

Natural disasters have a way of grabbing media attention and the public’s interest. The visuals of people wading through chest-deep water or picking up the pieces of tornado-ravaged homes are eye-catching. They draw attention and money from philanthropy and everyday donors. However, there are numerous forgotten emergencies and hidden crises worldwide, especially last year as the COVID-19 pandemic overshadowed other disasters.

The Council is co-hosting the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) webinar, Humanitarian Crises Around the World, that will look at some of the complex humanitarian emergencies that aid organizations are responding to right now. Speakers will address these crises, highlight stories you may have missed last year and suggest ways that funders can provide assistance.

This webinar is part of CDP’s Global Series focused on raising awareness and providing donors with practical information on ways to help in times of global disasters.

CDP President and CEO Patty McIlreavy will moderate the discussion.


This webinar is also co-sponsored by the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy and Alliance Magazine. The webinar will be recorded and the recording will be emailed to everyone who registered.