Leveraging Nonprofits as Endowment Builders

As a Community Foundation, you are the expert on building endowments, but imagine what 10 nonprofit professionals or volunteers working on endowment growth could mean to you. If you want to multiply your efforts, partner with your nonprofits in being successful endowment builders.

To help community foundations leverage nonprofit partners as successful endowment builders, the Council is partnering with Helen Monroe of Endowment Development Institute (EDI) hosts a webinar exploring this endowment building strategy. During the webinar, participants will learned how best to leverage nonprofit partners, hear a few case studies of success, and learn about a new resource, Endowment Building Made Easy.

Endowment Building Made Easy is an online training course designed to help you and your partners be successful endowment builders. The 12 lesson course covers:

  • basics of endowments and endowment building,
  • the differences between endowments and fund raising,
  • working with different forms of planned giving'
  • working with professional advisors,
  • and much more!

This webinar was not recorded.