Recent Immigration Executive Orders: How is Philanthropy Impacted and Reacting?

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The webinar provided an analysis of the impact that President Trump's Executive Order 13769, Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals, may have on your foundation's work domestically and globally.

Council staff and foundation leaders discussed how the Trump administration's latest immigration decisions are influencing their organization's internal operations, such as staffing, and ongoing programmatic activities, including grantmaking and advocacy. The discussion also emphasized the benefits of collaborative responses, as well as the importance of community outreach activities in an environment of fear.

This conference call continued the conversation started during our special phone briefing with Council members on January 30 and reflects up-to-the-minute developments on executive and legislative activity around immigration and refugees. 

For additional information and perspectives about how immigration-related executive orders impacts philanthropy, please see a regularly updated Council blog post on the issue.