Spurring Opportunity: Entrepreneurship and Community Foundations

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Community Foundations are part of the fabric for creating vibrant communities across the United States. They cultivate relationships by connecting people to what matters locally. Given that past work, never has there been a better time for community foundations to play a lead role as a beneficial catalyst in spurring community prosperity and their own prospects for future philanthropic gifts through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial ecosystems, at their heart, are based on human relationships. With a local focus, a desire to increase community prosperity, and knowledge of communities, community foundations have the opportunity to serve a central role in spurring and sustaining local entrepreneurial development activities in ways that few other organizations can.

Why does entrepreneurism matter to community foundations?

Entrepreneurs create value in many ways, beyond turning hobbies into side hustles, creating our favorite shops on Main Street, or making the products and services we buy everyday. 

  • They start new businesses and grow small companies into big ones locally.
  • They bring innovative solutions to market and address social and community challenges.
  • They pursue dreams. They feed their families. 
  • They create jobs. They create tax revenues.
  • They give back.

Hear from entrepreneurship development experts and community foundation leaders on how community foundations can become more engaged in helping drive entrepreneurship within their communities. In addition, the presentation addresses how community foundations can in turn become more entrepreneurial to increase their own value proposition.

  • Investing in entrepreneurship can improve a community foundation's own mindset toward innovation, engagement, and inspire philanthropic good for the community--both in giving and social ventures.


  • Joe Kapp, President and Co-Founder at the National Center for Resource Development Perspective provided by Community Foundation Leaders
  • Elizabeth Carey, CFO, Oregon Community Foundation
  • Mark Brewer, CEO, Central Florida Community Foundation


  • Brad Ward, Director Community Philanthropy, Council on Foundations