Wallace Global Fund and MacArthur Foundation Briefing on Climate Movement and Systemic Racism

Please join us for an important conversation about the climate movement and systemic racism in the United States. We often hear that “durable” US climate policy requires bipartisan buy-in and agreement, but durable policy also requires a movement that can maintain and enhance a functioning democracy. Yet, we also need "meaningful" climate policy, and that will require people power.

Grassroots organizers across the country are bringing their communities together to design, define, and fight for durable and meaningful climate action, one that centers on increasing equity as much as it does decreasing emissions. Please join us to hear about Arm in Arm and the Red, Black, and Green New Deal. In addition to hearing from the inspiring women leading these initiatives, we will also share about our respective journeys regarding systemic racism in the United States and the decisions we are making as leaders of our foundations.