Washington Update LIVE! Post-Election Analysis


Council CEO Vikki Spruill and special guest speakers analyzed the results of the 2016 election and discussed what it all means for the philanthropic sector.

Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, shared her thoughts on the election and its impact on our nation. What does the General Election in 2016 mean for our country? How does our nation begin to move forward cohesively? What do the results say about the state of our electorate?

Second, with the help of Ken Kies, Managing Director of the Federal Policy Group, we looked at how this election impacts our work and our field. What does election mean for philanthropy? How does the new Congressional landscape affect prospects for tax reform? How can philanthropy lead well in the midst of major transition?

Speakers Included: 

Connie Schultz

Ken Kies
Managing Director
Federal Policy Group

Vikki Spruill
President & CEO
Council on Foundations

Hadar Susskind
Vice President of Public Policy
Council on Foundations

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