Webinar: Carry Your Cash

One of the simplest steps a foundation can take to leverage its assets in service of its mission is to invest cash locally through community-based financing. Community banking increases access to capital for low-income borrowers and businesses. Cash deposits of $250,000 or less in community financial institutions, credit unions, and regional banks are low-risk FDIC-insured investments that can further a foundation's philanthropic mission while offering competitive rates of return. Many nonprofit loan programs offer alternative financing to targeted populations, thematic initiatives, and geographic regions. There are thousands of community-focused institutions across the country. A foundation, by the simple act of moving its working capital into one of these, can ensure that its cash assets are daily servicing the very same issues it chooses to focus on when making grants.

Moderatorated by Craig Muska, Threshold Group, in conversation with Kat Taylor, Founder and CEO at Beneficial State Bank, and Peter Brach, Program Advisor at Brach Family Charitable Foundation,to elucidate the underpinnings of carrying your cash and learn about the ways in which funders can support communities through community-based financing.

Download the guide Carry Your Cash: Supporting Community Finance with Cash Deposits.

Hosted by Confluence Philanthropy