Legal Office Hours

Over the past weeks, COVID-19 has changed how grantmakers are responding locally, nationally, and globally. Disaster and crisis management plans are changing by the hour. Foundations and companies around the country are launching local response funds, shifting to immediate operational and unrestricted grants, and seeking best practices to meet the current and emerging needs of their grantees and communities. During these weekly office hours, Bryan Del Rosario and Ben McDearmon, nonprofit attorneys from the Council on Foundations, as well as Council staff with deep expertise in grantmaking and philanthropic practice will join up to 25 Council members to address questions and tackle specific issues where legal clarification and expertise is helpful.

Council Office Hours for Community Foundations opens the the conversation between funders and Council attorneys, Bryan Del Rosario and Ben McDearmon, and lead strategist for community philanthropy, Brad Ward, on pressing issues in response to COVID-19.
Legal Office Hours for Corporate Foundations & Giving Programs creates an open dialogue between corporate philanthropy/CSR leaders and Council attorneys on the legal questions and pressing issues in response to COVID-19.