2021 Official Proxy

The undersigned, a voting member of the Council on Foundations, hereby appoints Tonya Allen, board chair; Peter Laugharn, board vice-chair; Brennan Gould, board secretary; any one of them; or a different person herein, with full power of substitution, and grants to such person or persons his/her proxy to vote at the Council on Foundations 2021 Annual Member Meeting being held virtually on December 2, 2021, and at any adjournment of said meeting in the place and stead of the undersigned on all matters to come before the meeting, including elections to the board of directors.

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How to Use this Proxy

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NOTE: If you opt for a different proxy holder in lieu of the Board officers, that person must be present at the December 2, 2021 Member Meeting and bring a copy of this proxy with them.


Class of 2019.