Independent Foundations

Private foundations make grants based on charitable endowments. The endowment funds come from one or a small handful of sources -- an individual, a family or a corporation. Because of their endowments, they are focused primarily on grantmaking and generally do not raise funds or seek public financial support the way public charities (like community foundations) must.

Private independent foundations are distinct from private family or corporate foundations in that an independent foundation is not governed by the benefactor, the benefactor’s family or a corporation. Of the largest private foundations in the United States, most are independent foundations, although they may have begun as family foundations or were converted from corporate foundations. There is no official IRS or legal definition of independent foundations, so it is difficult to arrive at statistics that are fully representative of the field.

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In this week's edition of Snapshot: News from the Hill, Executive and Regulatory Affairs and Happening in the States.
This roundtable is for CEOs who are exploring ways to support the sustainability and/or evolution of their nonprofit partners. The conversation will focus on peer-to-peer advice, suggestions, and tactics on how funders can support nonprofits through the next stage of their organizational life cycle, whether that is a strategic alliance or restructuring, a merger, an acquisition or closure.
Since the first confirmed U.S. case of COVID-19 in January 2020 in Washington state, the pandemic has created an unprecedented public health and economic emergency across the United States. With its disproportionate impact in communities of color, the crisis also has laid bare the devastating racial disparities that are endemic across American society. In response, philanthropy has joined with nonprofits, government, and business to provide urgently needed support for individuals and communities that have been adversely affected by the virus and the economic impact on commercial activity, travel, and more. From special response funds to targeted grants, philanthropy has provided billions of dollars in new support to help people and communities cope.
The health and economic impact of COVID-19 has continued to ripple through communities across the country and the world. Congress is discussing additional legislation to address some of the challenges faced by workers, businesses, nonprofits, and communities. Hear from experts about how provisions being discussed may impact the charitable sector. For any questions please reach out to A reminder this conversation is off the record.
In partnership with CHANGE Philanthropy, this peer-to-peer conversation will be facilitated by Chana Anderson, an experienced HR executive, in dialogue with philanthropic HR leaders from across the country. While several questions are lined up for discussion on the theme of the webinar, there is room to be responsive to the topics participants want to discuss.
Working Group for the 2020 HR Retreat.
Schedule for the 2020 HR Retreat.
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Give2Asia launched its Coronavirus Response Fund on January 23, 2020 with a focus on China, and has since expanded the effort to serve all 23 countries where Give2Asia works in the Asia Pacific region.
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