ESS Timeline and Checklist

Eight months before the workshop

  • select a date for the workshop
  • secure a location for the workshop
  • secure arrangements with hotels for rooms (if needed) for faculty
  • identify the sessions you’d like to offer
  • identify and invite faculty to deliver sessions
  • customize promotional ads for workshop

Six months before the workshop

  • market the event broadly—via e-newsletters, blast emails, e-calendars, fliers, etc.
  • identify a caterer—if needed
  • confirm faculty

Four to five months before the workshop

  • set-up a database for registration data
  • secure a caterer and finalize arrangements
  • continue to market the event broadly

Two to three months before the workshop

  • request and collect faculty bios, supplemental handouts, and audio/visual needs
  • order binders for participant guides, if needed
  • begin developing the agenda, faculty, and participant directories
  • begin gathering and copying binder materials and handouts
  • finalize set-up, workshop, and audio/visual needs
  • continue to advertise the event broadly until registration goals are met

One month to two weeks before the workshop

  • create a binder for the participants; assemble and include the Participant Guide and any additional materials
  • create name tags for participants, faculty, and staff
  • check-in with: the faculty, the caterer (provide them with final numbers), and the hotel (if needed)

One week before the workshop

  • send a reminder email to registrants and include the agenda

Post event

  • send thank you letters to the faculty
  • analyze evaluations