Select a Venue

  • Identify your location at least eight months prior to the workshop. Starting early means you’ll have more site options to choose from. Begin earlier if you would like a specific site during your city’s peak season.
  • Match your conference with the right type of facility. Consider what type of facility will best serve your needs—hotels, conference centers, resort properties, or convention centers.
  • If hotel rooms are required, choose a facility that offers lodging or is located near hotels. Often meeting rooms can be negotiated if you secure a specific number of sleeping rooms with the hotel and/or use their catering services.
  • Contact the facility and conduct a site visit. Ensure the facility can accommodate your workshop needs such as: meeting room size, seating configurations and layout, duration of use, acoustics and lighting, ADA compliant, and security measures.
  • Inquire about audio/visual services, catering options, shipping alternatives, and opportunities to use on-site or nearby business centers.
  • Once the facility is secured, communicate with your facility representative regularly. Share your meeting agenda to ensure services are delivered and set-up is in place according to your schedule and needs.

Remember, all contracts are negotiable.