2018 Membership Dues

Voting Members

Membership dues for U.S.-based organizations are determined by a three-year rolling average of assets and grants. For 2018, membership dues are calculated using data from 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Dues for non-U.S.-based organizations are determined by asset size.  


Grant Making



Less than $500,000

$500,000- $749,999

$750,000- $4,999,999

$5,000,000- $9,999,999

$10,000,000- $24,999,999



Less than $1,000,000







Asset Size

$1,000,000 - $9,999,999







$10,000,000 - $24,999,999







$25,000,000 - $49,999,999








$50,000,000 - $99,999,999
















Non-U.S. Voting Members (Members Based Outside the United States)

Asset Size

Dues Amount

Less than $1 million


Between $1 million -$49 million


More than $50 million



Associate Members

Dues for 2018 are $1,500 annually regardless of asset size. 

Renewal Cycle

Membership runs on the calendar year. The renewal period begins in November and runs until the April 30 deadline. Members who do not renew their membership or provide a will pay by date by April 30 will be deactivated and lose access to member benefits.

Dues Policy

Membership dues may be rounded to the nearest $10. For purposes of completing Forms 990 or 990-PF, all dues paid in excess of $1,500 may be reasonably be reported as a grant rather than an administrative cost. The Council will provide an annual statement substantiation to corporations for dues paid on behalf of a corporate giving program member or combined corporate foundation and giving programs member indicating the amount of dues contribution that qualifies as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Payment Options

Council members may report dues as a grant excluding $1,500 in administrative costs. Administrative payments and grants must cover full membership costs. Payment can be tendered by any combination of:

Make checks payable to Council on Foundations and mail with completed dues statement to 2121 Crystal Drive, Ste. 700, Arlington, VA  22202.

Credit Card
Once logged into your account online, you may pay using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. You may also pay by credit card over the phone by calling 703-879-0645.
A 2.25 percent processing fee will be added to credit card transactions greater than $15,000.

Wire Transfer
Please email membership@cof.org to request details for processing a wire transfer or ACH payment.

Payment is not required until your membership application has been approved and you have been issued a dues statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our Council dues are intended to cover both our corporate-giving program and our corporate foundation. Does it matter which entity pays these dues?

A: Yes. Because your membership dues include membership for both the corporate-giving program and the corporate foundation, the dues must be paid by the parent company.

Q: As a corporate-giving program, will our Council dues qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income-tax purposes?

A: Yes, to a point. The amount of your dues that qualifies as a charitable deduction is limited to the amount of your contribution that is greater than the value of the goods and services provided to you as a member. Upon receipt of your dues, the Council will provide you with an estimate of the value of goods and services provided to corporate members.