Advocacy Toolkit

Sometimes the hardest part of engaging in advocacy can be figuring out where to start.

Government is the mechanism for public policy process, and elected officials and their staff are driving and creating policies. As their constituents and important stakeholders in civil society, they need to hear from you about how policies will affect our communities.

Advocacy and engagement with policymakers is a tool that is readily available to you and your foundation to support your efforts in furthering your mission and advancing the greater good. This Advocacy Toolkit is designed to be a resource for Council members and others engaged in the philanthropic space. 

In addition, the Public Policy and Advocacy for Grantmakers provides a roadmap for how foundations can advance their mission and goals by participating in public policy advocacy.

Why Engage?

Learn why it's important for you to engage on behalf of the philanthropic sector.

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How To

Get all the information you need to successfully engage with your lawmakers.

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Know Your Stuff

Prepare by getting familiar with the federal tax and regulatory issues important to philanthropy.

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