National Standards Advisory Committee

The National Standards Advisory Committee was organized in October 2015 in response to the growing importance of the role of the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations® in policy.

History demonstrates, as with the creation of the Standards program, that self-regulation can help ward off harmful and misguided regulation. As community foundations continue to face scrutiny by policymakers—particularly around donor advised funds as vehicles to “park money”—this Committee was tasked with identifying key issues faced by community foundations and consider steps that can be taken to address them. This may include recommended revisions to the National Standards or other proactive opportunities the Council on Foundations could act upon on behalf of the sector.

Committee Recommended Changes

Effective January 1, 2017:

  • Define grant activity (or inactivity) for donor advised funds

Note: For any organization already accredited or applied for accreditation before January 1, 2017, this information can be submitted during the re-accreditation process.

Committee Members

With a membership of only accredited community foundations, this Committee includes representation from the Community Foundations National Standards Board, the Council on Foundations Board of Directors, and accredited foundations from across the field.

Beth Bull
Communities Foundation of Texas

Kathryn Dennis
Community Foundation of Central Georgia

Eileen Ellsworth
Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

Mary Jalonick
The Dallas Foundation

Sherry Ristau
Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

Deborah Rothstein
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Randy Royster
Albuquerque Community Foundation

Judy Sjostedt
Parkersburg Area Community Foundation

Jennifer Tolle Whiteside
North Carolina Community Foundation

Jonathan Yorba
The Community Foundation

Corey Ziegler
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation