Philanthropy Platform Action Steps

The planks of the Council's Platform come together to forge a strong foundation for the voice of philanthropy. The action steps below describe how the policies and positions outlined in the Platform will be communicated to the constituencies of importance to our sector.

These constituencies include:

  • Policy makers including Members of Congress, White House and Administration officials, Governors, Mayors, other state and local elected officials, and influencers
  • Council on Foundations members
  • Allies, partners, and other thought leaders


Working with policymakers, the Council will

  • Increase membership in the Congressional Philanthropy Caucus and utilize the convening power of the Caucus to project our voice in Congress
  • Play an active role communicating with presidential candidates and ultimately the 2016-2017 Transition, thus strengthening our capacity for engagement with the next Presidential Administration
  • Enhance our interactions with Governors, Mayors and state and local officials, particularly by working with their associations and representatives in Washington DC

Working with our members, the Council will

  • Conduct an assessment of key relationships and activity with decision makers
  • Support members in strengthening their relationships with elected officials and deepening the impact of their interactions with those officials
  • Increase the capacity of members to impact public policy
  • Develop policies that strengthen and protect our ability to flourish as a sector

Working with allies, partners, and other thought leaders the Council will

  • Shape the public narrative around philanthropy and our role in America
  • Raise the visibility of the philanthropic sector
  • Solidify our long term status as an important element in the crafting of public policy