Leading Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy refers to the investments and activities a company voluntarily undertakes to responsibly manage and account for its impact on society. It includes investments of money, donations of products, in-kind services and technical assistance, employee volunteerism, and other business transactions to advance a social cause, issue, or the work of a nonprofit organization. Corporate foundations and corporate giving programs traditionally play a major role in these areas.

Corporate philanthropy has an opportunity to redefine the purpose and value for corporate foundations and giving programs. Visionary leaders in our field have proven that when corporate philanthropy is managed as an investment in society, it can become a powerful catalytic force for change. This initiative provides a leadership framework, seminal research, tools and resources to advance the corporate giving sector.

Practitioner's Guide

On April 29, 2012, the Council released a seminal report for the corporate philanthropy field, Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value: A Practitioner’s Guide to Leading Corporate Philanthropy. The guide offers original field research and a new platform for corporate philanthropy, and provides clear and practical paths forward for the future of the field and the role of corporate foundations. That work is guided by a five-point framework:

  1. Create a new narrative for corporate philanthropy as an investment in society.
  2. Develop an inclusive “operating system” for philanthropic investment.
  3. Professionalize the field.
  4. Improve collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing.
  5. Mobilize “field level” leadership behind this agenda.

Download the executive summary and full report.

Practitioner's Toolkit

In October of 2013, the Council, in partnership with Amgen, Inc., ArcelorMittal, Dow Chemical Company Foundation, Eli Lilly& Company Foundation, General Mills Foundation, ING Foundation, Intel Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and Medtronic, Inc., released Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value Corporate Practitioner's Toolkit. The Toolkit provides strategic planning assessments, tools, resources and case study samples to help practitioners enhance the impact of corporate giving and foundation programs and build internal support with senior leaders. It is a companion resource supporting the principles detailed in Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value: A Practitioners Guide to Leading Corporate Philanthropy.

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